Letters: Week of Oct. 18, 2012



Second Term for Obama Would Be Grave Mistake

Regarding Rafael Medoff’s Op‐Ed piece in the Sept. 27 issue, “A Question With Resonance: ‘Do You Want to Start a Holy Jihad?’ ”: Do Jews around the world want to rely on the mercy of an unsympathetic American president?

I am troubled by President Barack Obama’s rhetoric that he “has Israel’s back.” In my opinion, no other American president has done more to undermine Israel’s deterrence, withheld support for the Jewish state in the United Nations, or tacitly encouraged the ayatollahs of Iran than has Mr. Obama.

Some take the position, “Yes, we are Jews, but we are Americans first.” I get it. But there is a bigger picture here. Israel is the heart and protector of the Jewish people. Without Israel, we are back to the capricious situation we were in during the 1930s and ’40s.

When the former Soviet Union collapsed, 2.5 million Jews came to Israel unrestricted by British Mandate quotas, or blockades of the British Navy (remember the Exodus?). When tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews fled to escape famine and civil war, they were rescued without hesitation by Mossad agents and the Israeli Air Force.

Any American Jew who fails to understand the purpose, value and centrality of the Jewish state to the Jewish people may live to regret it when that state’s protective shield is no longer available.

More to the point, given the Iranian threats and the tumult in the Middle East, an Obama second term could jeopardize the Jewish state.

Gadi Naaman


Don’t Make Israel Major Factor in This Election

The question of which party is the best friend of Israel should not be our issue in the coming election.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that Israel and the United States are the best of friends, and that the world must stop the Iranians from getting nuclear weapons.

It is most important that both parties work together to solve all the problems in our country.

And it should always be true that all Jews are friends of Israel, our homeland since 1948.

Henry J. Lotto


After Years of Lies, Ryan Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Congratulations to Congressman Paul Ryan for displaying his honesty, integrity, knowledge and respect when he debated Vice President Joe Biden.

Mr. Ryan’s behavior and intellect are proof of his self-confidence and high state of professionalism even though he was so rudely interrupted repeatedly by the vice president.

After almost four years of lies, deceptions and “professional” smiles by Mr. Biden, Paul Ryan seems even more like a breath of fresh air.

Dorothy Glauser
Boynton Beach, Fl.


Philly Has a True Gem in National Museum

My wife and I often visit the good city of Philadelphia and, during our last sojourn, we were extremely impressed with the National Museum of American Jewish History. The museum is a unique gem, with an excellent staff and outstanding state-of-the-art exhibits.

Succinctly, it should be on everyone’s list as a place to visit — and reflect!

Mel B. Yoken
Chancellor and professor emeritus
French language and literature
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth


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