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Judith B. Ginsberg, chair of Women of Vision, The Jewish Women’s Foundation of Greater Philadelphia, has announced the recipients of its 2012-2013 grants. Each of the Foundation’s more than 424 members had a vote in the selection of these grant recipients — organizations that improve the lives of women and girls.

WePower, The Organization for the Advancement of Women’s Leadership in Israel

Recent events in Israel that demonstrate discrimination against women and exclusion of women from full participation in the public arena motivated Women of Vision members to award a $12,000 grant to WePower. These funds will help the organization to expand its “Young Women for Future Leadership” program, which trains and empowers young, motivated women to take leadership roles in the public arena and enhance female participation in their municipalities.

The training will focus on social and gender issues. Program graduates will have access to WePower’s extensive network of thousands of Israel’s most visible and respected women leaders and public activists.

Tribe 12

Tribe 12 was awarded a two-year grant of $20,000 to enhance its PresenTense Fellowship program. This five-month fellowship experience currently helps young Jewish entrepreneurs to develop a business plan and launch their product or service. The Women of Vision grant will help provide seed funding and follow-up attention that can often ensure long-term success.

Grant proceeds will be split between continuing education and seed grants for women graduates of the program who show outstanding leadership potential and whose venture ideas show particular promise. These women are young entrepreneurs in the Greater Philadelphia area with a passion for solving social problems and building ventures that engage, leverage and inspire the Jewish community and the society around us.

Bringing Women to the Fore: A Feminist Partnership

Women of Vision is a member of the Jewish Women’s Collaborative International Fund, a coalition of 17 Jewish women’s foundations in the United States and Israel.  Women of Vision contributed $10,000 toward a two-year $150,000 grant to effect social change for women and girls in Israel. The Feminist Partnership, a collaborative of nine Israeli organizations, will use the grant to promote gender equality and women’s rights through large scale social and media campaigns.

For more information about Women of Vision, call Susan Lundy at 215-832-0849 or email: [email protected]


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