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The International Olympic Committee has officially refused to formally honor the memory of the 11 Israeli athletes killed at the Munich Olympics 40 years ago. But that doesn't mean the campaign is over. In fact, the effort should be redoubled by those who refuse to forget that terrorism and hate have no place in the international landscape symbolized by the spirit of the Olympics.

The victims' families have been working for an official commemoration for 40 years, but this year, the Israeli government and many international organizations and lawmakers have signed on.

The terror attack began on Sept. 5, 1972, when eight Palestinian terrorists broke into the Olympic Village in Munich. The attackers killed 11 athletes in total. A German officer also died.

The request to hold a minute of silence during the opening ceremonies of the London Games "is reasonable and symbolizes the solidarity of the countries participating in the Olympic Games; it is undeniably the just and moral thing to do," said Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon, who released a one-minute video appealing for the moment of silence.

The petition effort continues. Go to change.org and search London Olympics. And let the Games begin in peace.


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