BDS Bars Exponent


Organizers of this weekend's Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions conference at the University of Pennsylvania have revoked the press credentials of the Jewish Exponent. Organizers accused the Exponent of engaging in "polemics" and "crafting a political narrative" after a story appeared reporting the anti-Israel records of some of the slated speakers.

The university has distanced itself from the conference and condemned the BDS movement, but has said that as a registered student group, PennBDS, was entitled to hold the conference.

"It is ironic that a group that purports to be interested in open dialogue, is operating under the cover of free speech and insists it is not anti-Semitic, is barring the only Jewish news outlet in town from covering the conference," said Lisa Hostein, the Exponent's executive editor.

University officials said that while they didn't agree that barring any press was a good idea, they could not do anything because it was a private group that had the right to decide who could come to its event.


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