Make Sure to Bring the Entire Family to Super Sunday


Ken Fink, co-founder and owner of Wondergy, sees the universe from the perspective of a Columbia University-trained physicist. "The world consists of molecules that bounce around independently. Cool them down and organize them and they'll come together to act like something new," he said, explaining that "air becomes liquid, water becomes ice and milk becomes ice cream."

On Federation Super Sunday, Fink will put these principles into action during a performance designed to delight the children and grandchildren of phone-a-thon volunteers. At 11 a.m. on Feb. 12, upper-level classrooms at the Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy will be transformed into a hands-on science laboratory. "We'll explore how stuff freezes and what it really means to be cold," Fink said, adding that "we'll use liquid nitrogen to make things explode, contract, disappear and behave in ways that challenge our perception of the world around us."

He offers a special incentive for kids to stick around for the entire 45-minute show. "For our grand finale, guests will help us bring together fresh cream, milk, a variety of flavorings and, of course, liquid nitrogen, to make the freshest and most delicious ice cream ever tasted," he said.

 Fink, who has been "exploring the workings of the world" with children, teens and adults for more than nine years, said he was "delighted" to be asked by Lee Ann Erlbaum, who serves as Super Sunday Children's Programming Co-Chair along with Allie Sussman, to be a part of the Greater Philadelphia Jewish community's single largest day of fundraising. He said he believes that this event can be viewed as a successful experiment in the "science of tzedakah." "Super Sunday is all about crystallizing the community. We literally call each other together to become something greater than the sum of our parts," he said.

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 Erlbaum said that Wondergy will be the centerpiece of family-oriented programming, which also will include arts and crafts, entertainment and a late afternoon pizza party. Infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers will enjoy their own interactive activities, including arts and crafts and music and games coordinated by staff members from the Klein JCC child care program.

Raechel Hammer, vice president at Klein, said that the agency, a long-standing community partner of Federation, was "thrilled" to expand upon its already strong participation in Super Sunday by providing child care services. Hammer said that it is a challenge that she and her staff are well-qualified to accept.

"Through our pre-school, after-school and camp programs, Klein JCC provides education and support for over 300 children annually in a warm and nurturing environment," she said. Hammer added that she is excited to showcase its child care program, which emphasizes small class sizes, individual attention and a focus on both Jewish and academic curriculum. "We value the unique contribution of each child and work to ensure that they are able to thrive and flourish as they grow into independent children with strong self-esteem," she said. "We embrace this opportunity to help make Super Sunday a family-friendly, fun and meaningful event for everyone."

Super Sunday 2012 Co-Chairs Bryna and Fred Berman and Jennifer and Michael Willner emphasized that all children's programming is free with Super Sunday registration. They encourage community members to register online at or call 215-832-0630 to ensure that children receive individualized attention.


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