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Walking, Biking, Wheeling to Fitness

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Martins Run CFO Steve Wisniewski (left) and CEO Linda Sterthous, along with resident Irving Grossman, take a breather during a recent day devoted to fitness and good nutrition.

Irving Grossman, 89, rides his blue bicycle around the Martins Run Continuing Care Retirement Community campus almost every day. Grossman usually pedals by himself, but on Monday, he had quite a bit of company.

As part of the Rolling Relay Around the Run, residents joined with family members and employees to do laps around the retirement campus on an unseasonably warm and sunny day.

Participants walked, biked, ran, skated, even rolled around the track in their wheelchairs. With each lap equaling roughly a half-mile, Grossman completed 16 laps -- or 8 miles -- a little more than his usual daily routine of 6 miles.

"It was a terrific idea!" declared Grossman, who wore a bicycle helmet complete with a small mirror. "It's giving people a little workout, getting people to meet each other -- and the weather is cooperating beautifully."

Many employees tried to complete 26 laps -- or 13 miles -- in honor of the facility's 26th anniversary this month. Chief executive officer Linda Sterthous, 51, took the opportunity to bike around the facility, while chief financial officer Steve Wisniewski, 39, made revolutions on his Rollerblades. Still, they seemed more interested in seeing the senior residents get some exercise.

"We want to show that, even if you are in a walker or a wheelchair, you can still be fit," said Sterthous.

The ceremony kicked off with police officers from Haverford, Marple and Newtown townships riding police cars and motorcycles around the track. The events concluded with a talk on nutrition from Laura Freeman, a dietician.

Walking briskly around the loop, 85-year-old Martins Run resident Sol Moldoff sang an old song he knew back from his days at City College of New York that included the words "Cheer Cheer for old Latke U.," sung to a tune reminiscent of the Notre Dame fight song.

"It's good exercise," declared Moldoff. "It gives everyone a little fresh air."

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