Tuesday, December 6, 2016 Kislev 6, 5777

Star of David Bikers

83 Livery Drive
Churchville, PA 18966

When folks learn about Jewish bikers, the usual response is "Oy Vey". The first question is if our mothers knew that we rode motorcycles. We have been referred to as Kosher Hogs and Biker Boychiks.

We are a Motorcycle organization based in the Delaware Valley. The members of our organization share the passion of motorcycles and the love of the Jewish people. We are not promoting ourselves as a religious organization. It does not matter if you are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or just not practicing. The only preaching that you may hear is safety on two wheels. We love to ride and we ride responsibly.

This organization was formed in order to provide Jewish motorcyclists the ability to come together and enjoy their love of motorcycles while spending time with people of similar interests.

It matters not if you ride a Harley or a Honda, a cruiser or a sport bike. It makes no difference if you are single or married, if you ride alone or with a passenger. If you love to ride and you have respect for Jewish people, Star of David Bikers is open to you.

Our club is open to members from all over the Delaware Valley including Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester counties, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware.

We are individuals of varied ages, backgrounds, and ideals. The religious observance or political views do not matter, though they do make for interesting conversations around the breakfast or lunch table. Our members are of broad range of professions including blue and white collar. We have a Rabbi and a Cantor that ride with us.

As your aunt Golda said, "Eat something, you'll feel better." Being a Jewish organization, we usually plan our rides around food. We'll usually start out with breakfast and ride to the lunch location. As typical Jews, we are not done eating when we start debating where we are going to eat next. Unlike other organizations of this nature, we will never drink and ride.

We are more than just riding. We are a non-profit organization where all the proceeds go to charitable causes and charitable organizations that we select. Tzedaka (charity) is part of our culture.

  This organization is for our members and not to profit any individual.

We are people that have a passion for life, the road, and our people. With that in common, we are building friendships that will last long into the future.

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