Would-be Snowbirds Have Plenty of Options


By Dec. 28, many of the readership’s snowbirds would have already departed for warmer climes, but for those who hadn’t, travel agencies advertised numerous possibilities.

Not surprisingly, a big ad on page 28 touted a free reservation service for Miami Beach hotels, with seven-day package trips from $112 — although $19 less by train. Car rentals were just $1.36 per day.

Features included Cadillac taxi transfers to and from the hotel, a “night club party with cocktails,” a beach bag and a free water skiing lesson. Airlines used included the now-defunct Eastern Air Lines and National Airlines, which billed itself as “Airline of the Stars.”

Note the ad’s phone number (LO8-0680), which uses the old system of exchange names. The “LO” might have been short for Locust, Lowell or Logan, according to Notes on Nationwide Dialing, 1955, an AT&T/Bell publication.

Those not interested in Florida could take trips to Mexico, Bermuda, California, Israel or the Caribbean.


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