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Richard G. Fish, 83, Artist and Graphic Designer

June 5, 2008
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Richard G. Fish, 83, an artist whose paintings and drawings have been on display in many exhibitions and appeared in various publications, died May 25.

Fish received special attention in art throughout elementary and junior high school, and received advanced painting training at the Clymer School.

He attended elective art classes at the Graphic Sketch Club and the School Art League.

A 1942 graduate of Central High School, he majored in art and worked extensively in egg tempera techniques for three years and undertook major mural projects in that medium. He was awarded the Barr Faree Freshman Art Prize.

Fish was a scholarship student at the Philadelphia Museum School of Art (now the University of the Arts). His major concentration was in advertising design, and he took extra classes in graphics.

Concurrently, he studied at the University of Pennsylvania School of Fine Arts, where he was enrolled in the coordinated course (with the Philadelphia Museum School of Art) in order to achieve a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree. He was awarded honors when elected to Tan Sigma Delta Honor Society for Artists.

His Army service was fulfilled from July 1943 to April 1946, and he attended Haverford College to study basic science in the ASTP army program from fall 1943 to spring 1944.

Fish founded Richard G. Fish Associates, a graphic-design studio, and maintained a freelance practice as graphic designer, artist and illustrator for national corporations, specializing in creating corporate publications from 1951 to 2006. Clients included Volkswagen of America, Subaru of America, Continental Insurance, RCA, Tiffany of New York and others.

Extensive printmaking in his postgraduate period included etching, wood and linoleum cut, and experimental media. He was a frequent exhibitor at the internationally known Print Club's (Philadelphia) shows and traveling exhibition, and was included in a four-man show at the Print Club in 1951.

In 1963, Fish resumed painting, devoting most interest to watercolor, casein and egg tempera techniques.

Most recently, his work was accomplished in acrylic tempera, watercolor, dry brush and pen and ink.

From 1965 on, Fish produced more than 600 paintings for exhibition. Most are now in private collections.

His paintings and drawings have appeared in such publications as Readers Digest, International Wildlife, The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Porsche & Audi Drive.

Fish participated in Artist- in-Resident programs at Rocky Mountain National Park in September 1991 and September 1992, and published fine art prints of his own drawings for Independence National Historical Park, Valley Forge National Histori-cal Park, Cape Cod National Seashore and Rocky Mountain National Park.

He continued to paint, sketch and travel until 2006.

Fish is survived by his wife, the former Frances Rittenberg; daughters Aimee Miller and Suzanne Scholz; son David Fish; sister Barbara Berger; and five grandchildren.


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