Reader Letters: Discussing Party Problems and Larry Krasner


Left-wing Problems

The facts pointed out by Daniel B. Markind should come as no surprise (“The Cowardice of American Jewish Academia,” Nov. 16). Time and again, we have seen that the best friends anti-Semites have are often members of the progressive left, many of whom are Jews.

As conservatives, tikkum olam is part of our DNA. The primary difference is we guide our actions and support based on facts (not emotions) and when we talk about the rights of people we always talk about the responsibilities that come with those rights. Progressives do not talk about responsibilities nor do they care too much about facts.

Matt Segal | Cary, N.C.

Right-wing Anti-Semitism

You have been reporting recently on the rise of anti-Semitism and white supremacy while ignoring the obvious cause (“Anti-Semitism Up Sharply in State, Nationwide in 2017,” Nov. 9).

President Trump has made it possible for these bigots to come out from under the rocks. The lame response to the Charlottesville atrocity, the footsie he played with David Duke, his record of discriminatory practices in the real estate world — all speak to the climate he has created.

So the question remains: Why are Jews working in prominent positions in Trump’s administration? Don’t they realize that we all have targets on our backs? First Muslims, then Mexicans, then us.

Richard Saunders | Chincoteague, Va.

Not Much of a Jewish Candidate

The Exponent was seemingly kvelling over the number of Jews running and winning a political office in Philadelphia (“Election Night 2017 Brings Big Victories to Most Jewish Candidates in Area,” Nov. 16). But its celebration over the election of Larry Krasner as district attorney needs some clarification.

It should be noted that Krasner was born to a Jewish immigrant father, but a mother who was an evangelical minister. Krasner, by his own words, has indicated that at one time he explored the possibility of following his mother into the ministry. What about all of this makes him Jewish I cannot reconcile.

During the campaign and after, he was quite dismissive and contentious in his hatred of former District Attorney Lynne Abraham, who I would argue was one of the great DAs in Philadelphia history, noted by Mayor Rizzo as that “tough cookie.” Abraham was a true and loyal member of the Jewish community.

Phillip Remstein | Lafayette Hill


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