Reader Letters: Disputes About Modesty and Balfour


Objections to Balfour

The Balfour Declaration was not done, ipso facto, for the Jews (“Putting Balfour into Perspective,” Nov. 2). It was done as a favor to Chaim Weizmann, who made and enabled military-grade acetone to be manufactured for Britain, allowing their artillery shells to meet their targets and win World War I.

Please stop fantasizing about the English doing anything for the Jews. The Brits regarded most Jews as dirty human specimens out of Eastern Europe. As well, they did not have the highest regard for the “clean Jews,” like the Rothschilds and Disraeli.

The Jews’ battle for life will always be a lonely battle. Ergo, raise physically tough children; thereafter, medicine, the law, commerce and science.

James Caplan | Bryn Mawr

No Free Pass for Weinstein

I was interested to learn that Rabbi Moshe Brennan knew how all of Harvey Weinstein’s victims were dressed before they were assaulted by Weinstein (“Maybe Modesty Is Exactly what Society Needs,” Oct. 26). Seriously, he knows these women were dressed immodestly, therefore provoking Weinstein’s unwanted advances? He asserts that modesty applies equally to men as well as women, yet somehow it seems he is placing responsibility on the victims’ shoulders for their immodest clothing/behavior.

So, I guess Weinstein, Ailes, O’Reilly, Trump et al. just get a free pass because their victims happen to walk around helpless men who can’t control themselves? Is that what the rabbi is saying? Because it sure sounds like that to me.

Rachel Garber | South Philadelphia

Rabbi’s Op-Ed Refreshing

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania and came across Rabbi Moshe Brennan’s article on the Jewish Exponent website (“Maybe Modesty Is Exactly what Society Needs,” Oct. 26). I found his perspective to be very refreshing in the wake of all of the discussion surrounding the topic.

Keep up the good work.

Jordyn Katz | University City


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