The Pros and Cons of Our Leaders


Former Editor No Saint

Overlooked in your feel-good story are examples of Jonathan Tobin’s editorial malpractice (“Exponent Alums Make a Name for Themselves,” Dec. 14). And don’t get me started about how, on his watch, consonant with his hardline rightwing views, when a JTA article referred to an individual as a “moderate Palestinian,” his version would omit the adjective “moderate.”

James Howard Weinglass | Philadelphia

Trump Kept His Promise

For the last year, many Jews have foolishly and blindly been led to believe that President Trump’s election was somehow influenced by a secret illegal deal with the Russian government (“Embassy Move Provokes Fear of Violence, Triumph of Recognition,” Dec. 14). Those claims are bogus.

What many Jewish voters cannot accept is that Trump has shown genuine strength and has fulfilled countless promises that he made during his campaign — including a promise to formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

In spite of lying and antagonism by the left, Trump has been a friend of Israel and of Jews, something that we have not seen in many years. In recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and arranging to move our embassy to that ancient city, Trump has effectively nominated himself as man of the year — if not man of the century. Jewish Americans had better wake up and realize that partisan leftism is not a replacement for Judaism.

Howard M. Hyman | Jamison


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