Plays and Players


News about the theater filled much of Page 11, with many long-forgotten theaters mentioned.

The Girard Avenue Theatre hosted a “thrilling story of love and intrigue” called Graustark, or a Love Behind a Throne. The play was written by George Barr McCutcheon, whose book Brewster’s Millions has been adapted on screen many times.

Meantime, Blaney’s at Sixth and Arch streets featured comedian Johnnie Hoey portraying the character of Willie Live in The Boy Detective. The production included a cast of 25 and the “company carries two carloads of scenery, and an electric equipment which requires a crew of skilled electricians to manipulate.”

The still-prominent Forrest Theatre announced the opening of a musical comedy production called Little Nemo based on the cartoon character (not the same as popular movie Finding Nemo).

“The production will be one of such magnitude and beauty that the big stage of the Forrest, with its noted resources and equipments, will be utilized to the limit,” according to the breathless copy.


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