Plant Hollywood


The vegan lifestyle may be well established today, but a mere decade ago it seemed like a novelty, albeit a growing one.

“Is it any wonder that interest in vegan alternatives to traditional meat meals is on the rise — even among people who still consider themselves meat-eaters,” the article asked. “Indeed, the lifestyle has gone way beyond Hollywood in its fashionability.”

Still, the unnamed author felt it necessary to include the definition of vegan as detailed by the American Vegan Society and also included tips on how to find out more information about veganism.

Those tips included revolutionary ideas such as a Google search, buying a vegan cookbook and checking grocery stores for vegan items.

And the author concluded with some good news.

“Indeed, a check in the pantry may surprise you. Items you already use, but never knew were vegan, range from Kool-Aid to Wonder bread, Krispy Kreme fruit pies and Ore-Ida Tater Tots, according to”


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