How People Dated in the Stone Age of 1991


While some early adapters were online in 1991, those looking for love couldn’t turn to dating websites such as or JDate or apps like Tinder.

Instead, would-be daters — when they weren’t being set up by friends, meeting possibilities at a bar or attending singles events — checked out classified ads.

The Exponent featured a page called Personal Talk with dating classified ads.

Ads cost $20 for three lines and an additional $8 for those who wanted to have a voicemail set up to receive messages instead of leaving their phone number or a P.O. Box address.

Technology may have changed, but as anyone who’s ever looked on an electronic dating site knows, the often-cheesy descriptions never change.

How often have you seen “beautiful on the inside as well as attractive on the outside” or “tall, well-built handsome successful business executive” in your electronic ads? Well, these came straight from 1991 pitches.

But dating wasn’t limited to Personal Talk, as the facing page featured a column called Single File with events aimed at Jewish singles. There also were advertisements for a Jewish dating service, a “young Jewish singles weekend” in the Catskills and a young professionals tour of Israel.


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