Tuesday, July 29, 2014 Av 2, 5774

As we anxiously monitor the ongoing crisis in the Middle East, it’s essential we understand the asymmetry between the Hamas terrorists who indiscriminately target civilians and the Israeli strikes against the political and military centers responsible for the attacks.
Yaron Sideman
On Nov. 14th, Israel embarked on Operation Pillar of Defense. The main purpose of the operation has been to restore security to the civilian population in Israel by putting an end to the terror attacks it has withstood.
Rebecca Richman
Local high school graduate Rebecca Richman reflects on the gravity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as she readies to join the Israel Defense Forces through a program for new immigrants.
Cheers for Jewish-Latino relations, apprehension over interfaith and a lament over the new placement of the candle-lighting times.
Even as government officials in Washington work to walk back from the brink of the “fiscal cliff,” another cliff is looming in the Middle East that Washington cannot afford to ignore.

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