Thursday, July 31, 2014 Av 4, 5774

Blame President Bush for the Current Situation Let's face the facts: Our current president has placed us in an untenable and unwinnable situation as it now exists (A Matter of Opinion: "Apologies Aren't Necessary," Oct. 6). What I can see about these insane Islamic fascists is that no amount of diplomacy or bribery will ever get them off point. They...
Good Deed That Won't Go Unpunished After more than a week of diplomacy, it appears that a great miracle has occurred: Pakistan will allow the State of Israel to participate in efforts to aid the victims of the earthquake that took the lives of tens of thousands. How exactly should dispassionate observers react to this development? Cynics are entitled to...
Forget about the
To listen to some people, the messiah has arrived at the United Nations. What was formerly a veritable cesspool of anti-Semitism is now, we are told, rapidly becoming a forum where Israel can get a fair shake. Is that right? The headline in a story on the issue in The New York Times last week read "U.N. Is Gradually Becoming...
Planner's Persepective with Howard Silverman
This bimonthly column, written by members of the Estate Planners Advisory Committee of the Federation Endowments Corporation, offers advice on insurance, estate, tax and investment planning opportunities to help both you and the community. Did you know that life insurance can be a great tool to support your favorite charity? For the committed donor, the question is: "How can I...
Questions about a nominee's beliefs about a Supreme Judge lead to trouble
One of the oddest things about the recent debates about the qualifications of Supreme Court nominees is the way that some of us have been tiptoeing around a subject that is theoretically off limits. Even though Article VI, Clause 3, of the Constitution of the United States reads that "No religious Test shall ever be required as a qualification to...

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