Sunday, May 29, 2016 Iyyar 21, 5776

Warren Hoffman
Salzburg became the site for something wonderful: an historical global conference for 60 LGBTQ Jewish leaders who are working to create meaningful change in the Jewish world.
There is no doubt that the deal will leave Israel in a more precarious position vis-à-vis Iran and its terrorist proxies in Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinian-controlled territories.
One letter this week makes the case that the alternative to no Iran deal was not war and another makes the case that stating that American Jews do not stand united is not a big deal.
Obama’s plan for peace may be very well intentioned. But that does not make it right. The problem is that it is an attempt to neutralize an enemy by equalizing him and thus making him a friend.
An ironclad American commitment to Israel’s safety and close coordination with Israel and regional allies to contain a newly empowered Iran will both reset the U.S.-Israel relationship in a positive way and contribute toward regional stability.