Friday, July 29, 2016 Tammuz 23, 5776

Ellyn Golder Saft
A communal activst reflects on her encounters with "real-life heroes" during an inspiring Federation trip.
Language issues are on the minds of two letter writers — one is worried about Yiddish, the other about phrases that seem to legitimize Palestinian goals in the Middle East.
Catie Stewart and Eli Philip
When it comes to pro-Israel discourse, the community has consistently prioritized having a unified voice over accommodating dissent. This is especially true of dissent that comes from individuals and groups critical of the status quo in Israel. The silencing of these voices is damaging.
With an interim accord on Iran’s nuclear program now a done deal, there’s legitimate dismay and fear in the pro-Israel community that Iran got more than it gave and this will not lead to the dismantling of Iran’s nuclear weapons capability.
Tamar Friedman and Eliana Machefsky
A partnership minyan at Penn, called Shira Chadasha, is affiliated with Orthodox Judaism and allows for the maximum participation of both men and women within the Orthodox Jewish legal framework.