October 1903 in the Exponent: Young Readers Learn About Corsets?


Page 5 featured a column called Young Readers, which tells the story of Abraham’s sacrifice and also includes poetry, a Thanksgiving Day poetry contest and a couple jokes.

But the eyes of some readers probably took a closer look at the neighboring Strawbridge & Clothier advertisement for Jessica Corsets. The ad included a drawing of a lissome lass modeling a corset while holding what appears to be a string of pearls.

Tame for today, but possibly a bit daring in 1903.

In case you were wondering, the corsets ranged in price from $5.50 to $35.

Strawbridge & Clothier may well have requested ad placement on the Young Readers page because it also housed the Womankind column.

That column featured the conclusion of an article headlined “The Experiences of an Atlantic City Jewess in the Klondike.”

The unnamed author recounted experiences with her husband in seeking a fortune in the Klondike that wasn’t meant to be: The small amount of gold found didn’t cover the trip’s $1,600 cost.


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