Sunday, July 13, 2014 Tammuz 15, 5774
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Linda Myers Goldfine announces the birth of her grandson, Caden Emanuel Myers, on Oct. 4.

Caden is the son of Billy and Kimberly (nee Worthington) Myers and the sister of Juliana Madison.

The baby is also the grandson of Sharon McGlynn, Bob Worthington, the late Jeffrey Myers and the late Arnold Goldfine; as well as the great-grandson of Ellis Myers, Nathan Goldfine, Francis McGlynn, the late Vera Gitlovitz, the late Norma Arena and the late Mary McGlynn.

Sharing in their joy are Uncle Vinnie, Aunt Becca and cousin Jordyn Myers; Uncle Howard, Aunt Eileen and cousins Andrew and Lexi Goldfine; Uncle Steven, Aunt Amy and cousins Theresa and Patrick Worthington; Uncle David Goldfine; and Uncle David Worthington.

Caden Emanuel is named in loving memory of his paternal great-grandfather Emanuel Gitlovitz.


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