Letters_ Elie Wiesel Censorship Op-Ed Lacked Context


Though I agree we need to talk about all forms of discrimination, the specific event Lindsay Karp chose β€” a Central Bucks School District temporarily removing a poster with an Elie Wiesel quote β€” was not fully described (”The Quiet, Potentially Deadly Discrimination We Need to Talk About,” Feb. 9).

The actual events were that the principal ordered the Wiesel quotation removed. The librarian removed it. Parents protested. The school board heard the protests and ordered the quotation to be reinstalled. That was done the following day. The op-ed leaves the impression that the quote is no longer in the library.

The Central Bucks School Board is very worrisome in that they wish to control what may or may not be taught in class and also what literature is available in the school libraries.

Gerald Gilbert | Washington Crossing


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