Letters, the Week of July 27, 2017


Caregivers Need Support

The article on being a caregiver was excellent (“Caretakers: Silent Heroes Who May Need Help Sharing the Burden,” July 20). I recently experienced the situation that the article wrote about.

The problem is that it did not stress the importance that help gives to the caregiver after her job is complete. If she is taking care of a spouse, what happens to her if her spouse passes away? If a caregiver doesn’t take advantage of the help that is offered, she will only be left with her thoughts. Therefore, it is very important that she enjoy some of the things that she did before she became a caregiver.

Gloria Gelman | Bustleton

Taking to the Streets

Last week, I was in Washington, D.C., with more than 500 activists who were worried about the health care bill (“In Search of Moderation,” July 20). More than 100 people were arrested.

As a small business owner, I want to ensure my employees are adequately covered and feel safe knowing if they get sick, they will not go bankrupt. The changes the Republicans are suggesting do not help me do that. We need universal health care.

After the arrests, I went to Sen. Pat Toomey’s office to ask for a meeting. There were five staffers discussing the day’s disobedience, saying that it was just a group of random people, not even constituents. I corrected them. There were more than 70 people from Pennsylvania around their office.

I have never partaken in civil disobedience before. In fact, I was a person who scoffed when others did. Now, six months into the new administration, I see no other way to raise awareness. I am hoping others will take a positive action.

Mark Pinsley | Allentown

Socialism Never Works

I agree with Joshua Runyan’s frustration with the present morass engulfing the health care debate (“In Search of Moderation,” July 20). Where I differ is the cause of this frustrating situation.

We are an extremely polarized nation. One segment of the population believes government control is the answer, while another segment believes that market forces lower costs and raises quality. A host of socialist failures prove beyond doubt that the approach never succeeds. The failure of Obamacare and the Veterans Administration shows what happens when politicians juggle their own agendas with the health needs of their citizens.

The Obamacare baby is dying because it was devised by politicians whose agenda was never quality health care. Rather the agenda was to pass something to increase government power and control, and take a giant step toward socialism.

Steve Heitner | Port Jefferson Station, N.Y.


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