Letters, the Week of Aug. 3, 2017


More Israel News, Please

I no longer read the Exponent cover to cover, as I read so many other newspapers and articles that I really lack the time. However, I picked up today’s paper and I am totally disgusted and disappointed in what I found.

There is so much going on in Israel including, but not limited to, the slaughter of the three Israelis last Shabbos, the Temple Mount crisis and its attendant violence, the situation on the northern border vis-à-vis Hezbollah and Iran, and multiple human interest and medical breakthrough stories. There is no mention of any of the above in this week’s Exponent. Instead, we have on the front page the most ridiculous story about an Islamic nonprofit (who cares?), and inside an op-ed by Rabbi Cooper with complaints about the Israeli government.

When and why did the Jewish Exponent join ranks with the other biased news outlets regarding events in Israel? Wouldn’t our readers benefit from a balanced perspective in their local Jewish communal paper rather than relying solely on the skewed reporting of The Philadelphia Inquirer, The New York Times and CNN? By ignoring what is happening in Israel or accentuating the negative, we are failing both to correct and to educate. Israel is a central link to our Jewish identity. Why is it not the center of or at least an important part of the allegedly Jewish Exponent?

Gary Erlbaum | Ardmore

Jewish History of Vital Importance

I am writing this letter in response to the June 15 article in the Exponent about the National Museum of American Jewish History (“Jewish Museum Cuts Budget, Lays off Staff”). On July 19, my mom, my cousin and I had an amazing visit to the National Museum of American Jewish History here in Philadelphia. My cousin was visiting from Maryland and she is blind. I arranged for a docent to guide us through the museum because the visit for my cousin would be based on a strong, verbally descriptive experience. Our docent’s incredible knowledge of the American Jewish people brought the museum to life not only for my cousin but for all of us.

As a member of the museum, I believe it is important for the Jewish community in Philadelphia to understand the American history of the Jewish people. The exhibits tell the story of America’s Jewish immigrants. My experience made me think about, and lovingly remember, my own grandparents and their fearful and fearless journey to Philadelphia. Their story resides in many of us. I enjoyed listening to my mom as she shared her own memories of Jewish Philadelphia while the docent continued to guide us through the years of American Jewish history. I learned so much about our vast history from the 1800s through the present. This entire experience brought us closer to our Jewish history and to each other as a family as we shared these very special moments. I encourage you to support the many programs and special events that the museum offers, and to continue to share our American history with your families.

Marla Zipkin | Wynnewood


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