Letters: Two States, BLM

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Takes Two to Tango

In response to “Go Big or Go Home” (Aug. 10) advocating for what Israel has to do to facilitate a two-state solution, I have a question: Everyone is focused on what Israel needs to do to make progress on a two-state solution. What do the PA (the Arab population of Israel and the disputed territories) and the Arab states need to do to convince Israel and the world that the two-state solution will lead to a peaceful result, both short term and long term?

From what I can find on this subject, no one on the Palestinian side seems to have any interest in a two-state solution, except possibly as a steppingstone to its stated (still standing) goal of the destruction of Israel.

David Korenstein | Wayne

Not So

Robert Rubin asserts (“Financial Institutions Targeting Israel Is Unacceptable,” Aug. 10) that, somewhere in the United States, “Black Lives Matter protesters burned cities to the ground.”

His assertion is false (and racist). Not a single American city has been burned to the ground by Black Lives Matter protesters. A correction or retraction is in order. T

Richard Julie | Dresher


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