Letters: Trump Not a Friend of the Jews

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The opening paragraph of “Trump and the Jews” (April 18) regarding Donald Trump’s arrogant assumptions about the Jewish people should be kept in mind by every Jewish voter. In fact, the entire piece should be sent to our relatives and friends, especially those who live in the “battleground states.” Given our archaic Electoral College system by which we select our nation’s president based upon the desires of a minority of voters, the residents of these states will determine who will shape the future of not only America but much of the world. And if we care about Israel and the lives of her people, who leads the U.S. must matter greatly.

Over his years in the public eye, many of us knew what was reflected in Trump’s narrow-minded, ignorant and foolish statements. Any number of New York-area Jewish real estate developers who knew him well felt that he harbored more than a few ugly and ignorant beliefs about Jews and avoided dealing with him. Statements he made about money, Jewish influence and dual loyalties during his presidential campaigns revealed what a despicable man he is.

Yet there remain members of the Jewish community who are still fooled into believing that we would be better off if he was reelected president. When questioned why, they point to his moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and that he “allowed” his daughter to become a Jew — as if either of these would indicate he would provide Israel with the much-needed military assistance and political support that it has received from President Biden.

There is an old saying that goes, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” While only a little more than 20% of Jewish voters have been fooled by this charlatan twice in the past, if he fools anywhere near that number again, shame on us.

Burt Siegel, Democratic Jewish Outreach,
Pennsylvania vice chair and retired executive director,
Jewish Community Relations Council, Jenkintown


  1. Mr. Siegel how do you feel about Biden’s claims that Israel, whose army is well known for being the best at protecting innocent civilians when the Jewish state is forced into war, falsely claiming the opposite? How do you feel about Biden and his buddy Schumer attempting to interfere in Israeli politics by removing its PM? How do you feel about Biden stopping shipments of military supplies in the middle of Israel’s attempt to destroy the Hamas terrorists who committed the Oct. 7th atrocities?
    All of the above are part of your parties attempt to win elections based upon fear and demonizing Biden’s opponent. As the November election approaches, Biden has chosen to appease the pro-Hamas voters in Michigan and the pro-Hamas youths who have taken over our universities and by so doing preventing Israel from stopping future atrocities.
    We support Trump because he produced low inflation, low crime, the absence of attacks on Ukraine and Israel an economy that was firing on all cylinders and a no nonsense approach to the blatant antisemitism that Biden constantly equivocates about. Jew have been fooled not once. not twice, but multiple times into voting for your party and presidential nominee, and the panic that you now feel about Biden is well founded.

  2. I’m afraid I have neither the time nor patience to fully respond to Mr. Heitner’s defense of Donald Trump but I do wonder if he believes that the vast majority of Jews are fools when we have opposed Trump twice but he thinks he knows better an the rest of us the essence of probably the President that has insulted our community more than any other. I do wonder how he has determined that President Biden has appeased Hamas. If he took the time he might wish to read what the Arab world thinks of him because of his pro-Israel actions. Joe Biden has articulated his unwavering support for Israel since his days in the Senate. Furthermore Heitner’s snide remark about Senator Shumer, one of Israel’s strongest advocates to have served in the US Senate, is totally simply absurd and ignorant . I also wonder what if anything this fan of Donald Trump has ever done on behalf of Israel other than writing ill informed letters. If he truly is an advocate for Israel’s security he should be thanking Biden and Shumer for all they have done on behalf of the Jewish state and her people.


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