Letters to the Editor: Evangelical Support for Israel, New York Mention Omitted


Evangelicals Misunderstood by Letter Writer
I am disappointed and concerned at the limited understanding of evangelical Christians expressed in a recent letter to the Exponent (“Jews a Means to an End for Evangelicals,” March 18). I want to set the record straight based on my 25 years’ experience dialoguing and interacting with the Bucks County Christian Coalition as a member of the American Jewish Committee.

Evangelicals are passionate in their support of the state of Israel as a Jewish homeland and actively oppose those who would try to undermine Israel. In addition, they politically lobby against anti-Semitism in the United States and throughout the world. The members of the Bucks County Christian Coalition have always recognized and respected the differences in our belief systems and have never sought to convert the Jewish members, although I am certain they would be gratified if we did.

Evangelicals support Israel. They do so with strong beliefs that differ from ours. However, they are often more vigorous and politically active in their support of Israel than some of our fellow religionists. To reject the support of evangelicals for the state of Israel would be, in my mind, an active of narrow mindedness, bigotry and lack of proportion on our part.
I feel that the rejection of this wonderful and supportive group of Christians, based upon the insensitivity of one of its members, is excessive and unwarranted. I invite the writer to join with us at our next AJC-BCCC dialogue. This may be a life-changing experience for the writer as it has been for all of us participants.

Dr. Leon S. Malmud | Rydal

No Mention of NY Triangle Shirtwaist Fire?
“Women’s History Month: Remembering the Philadelphia Shirtwaist Strike of 1909” (March 18) was incomplete.

There absolutely should have been a mention at some point — perhaps at the end — of the New York Triangle shirtwaist fire on March 25, 1911, in which 146 workers died; some jumped to their deaths. This was only 13 months after the Philadelphia strike ended in February 1910.

In particular, the Exponent story had a tragic connection with the sentence, “Fire escapes were locked … ” That was a major reason for the New York deaths.

Dr. Frederick J. Goldstein | Meadowbrook


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