Letters the week of July 2, 2015


One reader contends that Obama has from the beginning set up an antagonistic relationship with Israel, whilst another discusses ascertations of the Exponent and Jewish leadership being right-wing.

Following Letter-Writer’s Lead, Speaking Truth
I just read Jessica Simon’s article, “President Obama Speaks to My Jewish Values” (June 18), in which she appears to laud the president’s strategy of attacking Israel. I do agree that a true friend tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. So here’s what I want to say to my friend, the president, and his adoring admirer.
From the beginning, Mr. President, you set up an antagonistic relationship with the Jewish state. You went out of your way to embarrass, verbally attack and insert distance in your relationship with the elected leader of Israel. You had your minions belittle the prime minister several times, and you were overheard making disparaging remarks on at least one occasion. During last summer’s Hamas-initiated war on Israel, you stopped flights to Tel Aviv and slowed weapons shipments to the Jewish state. That was a knife in the back and a true measure of your friendship.
During this time, Mr. President, you have been strangely silent about Palestinian atrocities against their own people and Israeli civilians. Those atrocities include the murder of three Jewish teens and of scores of Palestinians fed up with being used as human shields by their terrorist leaders. These are the difficult facts that you have decided to paper over.
It appears that Jessica Simon’s Jewish (read that as liberal) values are in sync with the president’s. So Mr. Obama, these are the words and hard realities that you need to hear. Israel is under attack by terrorist entities that have been encouraged by your own hostile words and actions. Those words and actions have made the Middle East and the world a much more dangerous place. Jessica, your naiveté and hero worship have enabled him to do so. 
Steve Heitner | Port Jefferson Station, N.Y. 
Setting the Record Straight on Paper, Israel
I take great exception to two pieces in the June 18th Exponent: the Wolberg letter (“Full Disclosure Needed at the Exponent”), and the Simon op-ed (“President Obama Speaks to My Jewish Values.”) 
Wolberg wrote that the paper and Jewish leadership are so “right wing” that it alienates many — especially younger Jews. Just the opposite is true. It is the Left that dominates “elite” circles. They refuse to equate the fate of the Jews with the fate of Israel. The Left, constantly critical of Israel, influences younger Jews who then sever their ties to Israel.
Palestinian propaganda produces a constant stream of Israeli injustice, oppression, human rights abuses. It paints Israel as the world’s worst country — and that taints all Jews. This rabid anti-Israel propaganda has stoked Jew-hatred worldwide. By not challenging the lies they permeate, as reflected in J Street’s Jessica Simon’s op-ed article.
Ms. Simon complains that Israel does not live up to Jewish values. Yet true Jewish values should include the value of Jews. She cites that her Jewish values are offended by the Israeli “occupation,” “the West Bank,” the Nablus “brutality.” Not offensive perhaps were last summer’s 4,500 rockets fired into Israel from Gaza, 32 terrorist tunnels (some eight stories deep) with weapons and cages to hold kidnapped Israelis. 
Anti-Israel double standards and denunciations fill the news. They should be answered by honest, fair-minded people because “Jewish lives matter.”
Roberta E. Dzubow | Plymouth Meeting


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