Letters: Raskin, Trump

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Vote Raskin Out
Rep. Jamie Raskin voted against the recent $14 billion congressional appropriation for Israel out of morality (“Rep. Jamie Raskin’s ‘Moral’ Vote Against Israel Aid,” April 25).

Let’s hope that Jewish Americans in Raskin’s Maryland’s district do the moral thing and vote for his opponents in future elections.

Saul Axelrod | Elkins Park

Trump a Friend of the Jews
How upsetting to read your take on Donald Trump (“Trump and the Jews,” April 18).
Your accusations and interpretations against Trump are 100% wrong. Trump’s support for Israel and the Jewish people is solid. You are repeating the lies of the unending smear campaigns against him. He was the best American president for Israel.

A large portion of American Jews are far left and barely interested in Israel. They are wedded to the Democratic Party, which is anti-Israel. Evangelicals do understand the dangers for Israel that many Jews ignore. Jews who vote against Trump and support Biden will be voting to destroy America and Israel.

The Democratic Party has become a full-blown anti Israel, antisemitic, pro-terrorist cabal. Jewish voters who based their vote on abortion, immigration, gun control, health care and Supreme Court nominations were duped. Secondary issues should not divert Jewish time, money, talent as their most important cause. None of those issues should get priority over support for Israel. The Islamic propaganda machine churns out lies about Israel nonstop.

Regarding Israel in the news? It’s negative or nothing. Jewish time, money, talent ignores the unending threats. College campuses now reflect the damage allowed to happen.

Roberta E. Dzubow, Plymouth Meeting


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