Letters: Pro, Com AIPAC, New Exponent


AIPAC Off the Rails
The recent actions of AIPAC are disgusting (AIPAC’s Defense of Extremist Candidates Is Indefensible,” March 31).

It has clearly forgotten the adage, “When you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.” In cozying up to white supremacists, it is reminiscent of misguided Jews in early the ‘30s in Germany who cozied up to Hitler in the hopes of becoming “honorary Aryans.” We all know how that worked out.

AIPAC should remember the words of Martin Niemöller, the last of which (to paraphrase) were “but when I looked around for help there was nobody left, they had all been taken.” When the extremists are finished with the LBGTQ community, the Black and brown communities, who do you think they will come for next?

One can only hope that there will be an upwelling of communal outrage and ecclesiastical leadership to consign AIPAC to the dustbin of history where it so rightly belongs. The state of Israel deserves better.

Richard Saunders | Chincoteague, Virginia

AIPAC Unfairly Blamed
After reading Jon Greenwald’s op-ed about AIPAC’s endorsement of what he calls Republicans who undermined American democracy and deniers of free and fair elections (AIPAC’s Defense of Extremist Candidates Is Indefensible,” March 31), I was stunned by his one-sided and unfair analysis of AIPAC’s actions.

First, AIPAC tries to be evenhanded since it knows that being as biased as Greenwald’s wishes would be very bad for Israel.

Second, did Greenwald miss Stacey Abrams’ refusal to concede in her election defeat for governor? How about Hillary Clinton’s claim, with absolutely no evidence provided, for her belief that her 2016 presidential bid was stolen? The icing on the cake is several Democrats’ attempt to not certify Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential win.

Greenwald’s calling that extremism is an indictment not of his Republican targets but rather of him.

Steve Heitner | Middle Island, New York

New Exponent Format a Hit
We greatly enjoy the new format that is the Jewish Exponent. It’s especially informative and refreshing to read about people in or connected to the Jewish community reaching out to make a positive impact on society.

In the April 7 issue alone, articles on the new regional director of JAFI, Jefferson doctors contributions to a space mission, “Progress Blooms in the Desert” and your opinion piece centered on the recent historic meeting of the signers of the Abraham accord were excellent examples of this.

In light of the plethora of negativity and dissension so prevalent in our society, these articles are a breath of fresh air.

Sharon and Bob Altman | Yardley


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