Letters: Not Losing Voting Rights

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If the 2024 Pennsylvania primary remains on the second day of Passover (“Is Pennsylvania Going to Move its Primary Date to Prevent a Passover Conflict?”, Aug. 10), I’ll vote by absentee ballot. It’s true that my ballot and other absentee ones won’t be counted unless needed in a close election, but that’s the price of living in America. We Jews aren’t losing our voting rights.

While in law school decades ago, I raised a small ruckus over final exams being given on Shabbat. Having gotten nowhere with the school, I contacted Nat Lewin, one of America’s top constitutional scholars. He explained that there wasn’t any basis for a lawsuit as the university had offered me several alternate choices as to how/where to take the exam.

With the High Holidays approaching, Jewish Pennsylvanians from atheists to the ultra-religious should instead concentrate their efforts on lobbying Pennsylvania’s legislators and executives to continue supplementing the security needs of every synagogue, school and Jewish institution in our commonwealth.

Paul L. Newman, Merion Station


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