Letters: More Roe, Heritage Exploration

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Abortion Not a Right in the Constitution
Eleanor Levie’s op-ed (“The Fight Isn’t Over,” June 30), while expressing anger about what she calls the end of the constitutional right to abortion, goes on to bemoan the damage she sees in forcing women to exercise their “reproductive choices.”

The fact is the Constitution does not provide for a right to abortion, something the activist Warren court simply ignored in 1973 by finding such a right in the Constitution’s shadows. The founders believed moral issues, like abortion, should be settled by each state’s legislature, which will face the voter’s judgment through elections.

Now each state will decide how it will handle the aborting of a developing child. Some will permit it right up to birth and possibly beyond, others will place time limits on it and others will ban it based on the moral wishes of its citizens. The democratic process, not the whims of nine unelected judges, will be the arbiter.

Steve Heitner, Middle Island, New York

Explore Your Heritage
We enjoyed the article “Philadelphia Family Connects with Long-Lost Cousins Who Survived the Holocaust,” (July 21). My wife has a very similar story that has led us on a genealogy search of family members.

We started with a photo in a museum of a young boy age 12 who was deported to Auschwitz. Using the internet, we were able to discover family in Paris that were originally from Warsaw. This has led us to discover and meet new members of the Felenbok family now in Paris, Israel, Argentina and Florida via Cuba.

Because of this, we even put two families together in Paris who did not know of the other.
We would encourage others to look at exploring their roots and heritage.

Sheldon and Penny Bernick, Philadelphia


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