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You Really Describe Yourself as ‘Knee-Jerk’?

Who would want to define himself as a “knee-jerk liberal” (“Confessions of a Liberal Zionist,” Sept. 20)? The term implies a reflex spinal cord action devoid of cerebral intervention.

Perhaps that is an accurate description. Suit yourself.

Alan Berger | Allentown

You Say Republicans, He Says Democrats

A recent letter asserts that Jews in the Trump administration should be called to task (“We Need to Call Jews in the Trump Administration to Task,” Oct. 4). Whatever they’re accused of is nothing compared to what the Democrats have done.

Let’s start with the chairman and vice chairman of the Democratic Party, both of whom have made anti-Semitic remarks. Then there’s George Soros and J Street, who have continually bashed Israel.

How about President Obama, before he was president, sitting in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years, but didn’t hear the rants about Jews? Or his not-so-good relationship with Israel? He even orchestrated the Iran nuclear deal that emboldened that country to cause more havoc in the world.

What has aggravated me more than anything is that of the 34 Jews in Congress at the time, 31 went along with the Iran deal. Two voted against it, knowing that Obama had the votes. Thirty-three were Democrats.

Liberalism, leftism, progressivism and socialism are more important to many Jews than Judaism itself.

Mel Goldberg | Upper Gwynedd


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