Letters: Inspiring (and Not So) Inspiring Words

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Article Inspired
I was overjoyed to see the Jan. 12 Jewish Exponent devote the front page article to the work of Jennifer Anolik and Moving Traditions (“You Should Know Jennifer Anolik”).

The work Moving Traditions does in training the next generation of Jews in the values, traditions and history of our people is the absolute best investment for insuring our survival. I was moved to read of Anolik’s family connection to the Shoah and the vital role that plays in her work for justice for all people. I only wish I could be a Kol Koleinu fellow learning feminist change-making and how to build sacred community. It is stories like these that keep me reading the Jewish Exponent and feeling hopeful for the future.

Abigail B. Weinberg, Philadelphia

Be Careful With Your Words
Rabbi Michael Rose Knopf rightly extols “respectful” Jewish debate (“Why I’m Not Sure I’m Right,” Jan. 19).

As Israel is a normal human polity, there is certainly much to debate about. But that should be engaged from a stance of prideful affinity and unwillingness to rush to critical judgment, before full investigation of the facts, of actual, not hypothetical, actions.

While concern about some ministers in the new government is understandable, the democratically expressed will of the Israeli electorate ought be respected. Israeli mega-party elections invariably result in coalitions. All parties to it make demands, but threats to leave usually ring hollow, given a next election’s uncertainty. As a highly seasoned politician, Netanyahu should be able to restrain unpopular proposals.

Case in point: Israel’s Supreme Court. Its members effectively choose their ideological soulmate successors. That it can strike down Knesset laws as unreasonable seems highly unreasonable. Altered division or power between those two bodies will require careful consideration.

Sage Talmudic advice to critics: “Be careful with your words.” A loyal opposition doesn’t call for massive public protests or civil war. The enemies of Israel and the Jewish people are watching and listening intently, awaiting any words to weaponize.

Richard D. Wilkins, Cherry Hill, New Jersey



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