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Haredi Not Pulling Their Weight
I was quite upset by the editorial “Budgeting for Haredi Isolation” on June 1.

The fact that they are given many millions from the national budget without making contributions to the economy is bad enough.

However, I was appalled by their exemption from serving in the military. They were 3% of the population in 1948 and 13% of today’s population.

They are currently 25% of newborns. This means the total number of individuals from the general population available for the military is gradually decreasing. This definitely is a subtle weakness of Israel’s military might.

Sidney Rubin, Wynnewood

Media Response to Antisemitism at Fault
The hate speech at CUNY (“A Test of White House Policy,” June 8) should never have happened, but the university’s response of condemnation was correct. However, CUNY, the White House and the editorial skipped over mitigating issues, namely that the U.S. press leans toward the same anti-Israeli bias until they are pressed.

The New York Times — I single out the Times since CUNY is in New York — and many other otherwise diligently unbiased publications regularly publish articles about the Middle East from biased sources without due diligence on accuracy. When, later, after the headline or front-page story is shown to be inaccurate, a retraction is published but not with the same attention-grabbing headlines.

Commencement speaker Fatima Mohammed was ill-informed with a bias that he was carefully taught. Then, in the U.S., he had that bias reinforced by inaccurate reporting of events in the Middle East. No wonder that he only saw the headlines that supported his misconceptions and never saw the retractions that might have corrected his views.

Aaron Grosky, Cheltenham


  1. Here’s the bad news: all of the Times mistakes only go in one direction. That direction is the Pro-Palestinian direction and therefore the pro-terror one. I highly doubt that Fatima Mohammad was looking for accurate reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the kind of hate she exhibits blinds her to any ideas other than Jew hate.


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