Letters: Falling Short

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I am writing to express my concerns about “PhillyVoice Writer Jackson Frank Discusses Pro-Palestine Tweet That Got him Fired” and the op-ed “Oct. 7 Is Not 9/11” by Or Rappel-Kroyzer, both of which appeared on Oct. 19.

While I appreciate the efforts of your publication to provide valuable information and perspectives, I believe that these particular pieces raises important issues that need to be addressed.

I would hope and believe that your publication would be pro-Israel and try to get the Philadelphia community to gather together behind and support Israel, so I don’t understand why the Exponent has to give a sub-professional writer like Frank extra exposure.
Meantime, the op-ed stated that this was not Israel’s 9/11.

Just use simple math. When Israel loses 1,400 men, women and children, it is a much greater percentage of what the U.S. unbelievably lost on 9/11. All the op-ed did was blame the IDF and Israeli government for not being able to stop the attack.

Rappel-Kroyzer blamed the massacre on “the systemic failure of the Israel political and security establishment.” Once again, there’s no blame on Hamas. He then goes on to liken this catastrophe to a storm caused by nature — likened to a bad hurricane. To compare the two is complete insanity.

Fred Liedman, Philadelphia


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