Letters: Court System Versus the Torah


Court and Torah Law Conflict
With regard to its recent decision to force Yeshiva University to allow LGBT groups to have their own club, it seems that the Supreme Court of New York has overstepped its bounds (“Why Mainstream Jewish Groups Didn’t Defend Yeshiva University,” Oct. 13).

The board of the university has the right to decide if any group should be sponsored by the university. A group that mainly focuses on the sexual activity of the group would seem out of place, even with regard to heterosexual interests. Torah law forbids men to lie with men as they would lie with women. This is a matter of our faith. It must be adhered to, no matter what the current political dogma dictates.

Until about 50 years ago, homosexuality was considered a psychological aberration, a failure to reach developmental milestones (Freud) or misplaced sexual attraction (Krafft-Ebing).

Any Supreme Court is on slippery grounds when it makes up rules for a faith-based institution. The board of Yeshiva University might be taking a politically, and financially, incorrect position in this matter but it is following Torah law correctly.

Aryeh Wood, Philadelphia


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