Letters: Choosing Sides

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After the Oct. 7 atrocities, the fig leaf is off the hate and bigotry of the Hamas savages (“Historic Pro-Israel Rally in DC Draws Massive Crowd, Energizes Support for Israel,” Nov. 16).

After countless demonstrations highlighting shouts “from the river to the sea”, “gas the Jews” and “Hitler was right,” the message of their Western supporters is also as clear as crystal: We’re proud fascists, and we will repeat the Oct. 7 atrocities until there are no longer any Jews left to rape, behead, burn alive and torture to death or until we are stopped. The IDF is now involved in doing just that while Hamas and its supporters are trying to do the opposite.

There is now a bright red line separating savagery from decency, civilization from barbarism and good from pure evil. Each of us must now decide which side of the divide we’re going to land on, which side we’re going to support and which side we’re going to categorically condemn.

Using intellectual pablum to haze over the barbarism of Hamas will no longer hide the brutality of Oct. 7. T

Steve Heitner, Middle Island, New York


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