Letters: Article Off, Tobin Correct

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Remaining Inclusive Online
I am a founding and continuing member of Congregation Tifereth Israel of Lower Bucks County. I am shocked at and appalled by the closing paragraph of Jarrad Saffren’s Feb. 16 article entitled, “Are Area Jews Returning to Synagogues Post-COVID?”, which misrepresents both the policy and the practice of our congregation.

The policy of our congregation is to be as inclusive as possible. The practice is that online attendees can participate in, but not lead, all parts of a Shabbat or holiday service. Weekday minyanim (hybrid or totally Zoom) are often led by online participants. The congregation expects to offer hybrid and Zoom services into the future.

Blythe Hinitz, Bensalem

A Message to Democrats
Jonathan Tobin hits the nail on the head with ‘’There’s More to Rising Antisemitism Than Joe Rogan’s Rants” (Feb. 22).

Part of the problem we face has nothing to do with us. Antisemitism has always existed and always springs back to life. Part of it is due to our own inactions.

Jews are a big part of the support for the Democratic Party. The squad composed of the Omars, Tlaibs and AOCs, among others, are virulently anti-Israel and veiled antisemites and should be called out for their hate by Jewish groups set up for that purpose. The sad fact is that these groups, with some exceptions, have been politicized and neutered in this role by their unflagging loyalty to the Democratic Party.

The hard reality is antisemitism exists on both sides of the political divide, and attacking one side while ignoring its more virulent cousin on the other, provides the latter with a green light to push its venom. The message to Democrats should be simple: Fight Jew hate with us or we’ll find someone else who will.

Steve Heitner, Middle Island, New York


  1. In “A Message to Democrats,” Steve Heitner nailed it. Jewish support for the Democratic Party, to whatever extent, should be based upon merit, that is the actions of that Party which fairly support human worth and human dignity without differentiation as to religion.
    But the Democratic Party of the present does not fulfill those requirements where Jews are concerned. Actions speak louder than words. Even so, the Democrats, in their failure to condemn statements of anti-semitism by their own members, fail on both accounts.
    It is entirely necessary that Jews now re-evaluate their allegiance to a Party that fails to treat them properly and fails to serve their interests, whether here in the USA or as to Israel.


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