Let’s Talk About Modesty


Rabbi, Don’t Preach About Modesty

After reading Rabbi Moshe Brennan’s op-ed, I shared it with many of my friends and family (“Maybe Modesty Is Exactly What Society Needs,” Oct. 26). Without fail, they reacted angrily. Although rebuking those committing sexual assault/harassment, the rabbi also clearly includes his feelings that by dressing modestly, such crimes could be deterred.

Really? Is this not blaming the victim? If this is the message he preaches, I can only hope he meets with fierce debate.

Anyone should be able to dress however he or she wants and not invite attack. It was very disheartening to read that a rabbi, an educator, feels otherwise.

Sharon Sitron Pachler | Margate, N.J.

Op-Ed Right on the Money

I saw with great anticipation the opinion piece by Rabbi Moshe Brennan (“Maybe Modesty Is Exactly What Society Needs,” Oct. 26). By the title, I was nervous about what I might read. Thankfully, I was delighted by the tone and content Rabbi Brennan took, and I applaud him for writing this op-ed and the Jewish Exponent for publishing it.

I, for one, am tired of the few obnoxious women who feel they speak for everyone. They don’t. I am a member of the Reform movement, but am a traditionalist. This piece was important and backs up the words of how so many of us feel, but are probably too afraid to say or write because of the way those on the left react.

Maggie Schwartz | Philadelphia

Nothing Nuanced About Cartoon’s Anti-Semitism

A recent editorial’s sole purpose was to claim that the blatantly anti-Semitic cartoon was not anti-Semitic (“Drawing Dershowitz,” Nov. 2). It seems the Jewish Exponent has turned into an apologist for those whose anti-Semitism is shrouded by their anti-Israel polemics. As you must be aware, this is not the first time in history that the popular movements of the time have been used to mask and justify their anti-Semitism.

It is time for the Exponent to once again act like it is a beacon for the Jewish community. You need to decry anti-Semitism in all forms, including those on the left.

Ted Harrison | New Hope


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