Kvetch ‘N Kvell: Fort Myers, Henry Ford’s Past


Fort Myers Named After a Jewish Man
After reading about “Jewish Fort Myers” (Jan. 27), I was surprised that Abraham Charles Myers, the Jewish Army officer for whom the fort was named, wasn’t mentioned.

Paul L. Newman | Merion Station

Henry Ford Was Antisemitic
In your Jan. 27 edition, I turned to page 10 and read “Edison- Ford Winter Estates.”
Does anyone at the Jewish Exponent understand how much of an antisemite Henry Ford was? Ford bought the Dearborn Independent and published 91 articles claiming a vast Jewish conspiracy was infecting America. These articles were then put into four volumes entitled “The International Jew.”

It amazes me that the Orensteins felt compelled to write about anything to do with Henry Ford.

Marv Waxman | Hatboro


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