Kvetch ‘N Kvell:


Article Overlooked Local Resource
I read with interest your front-page article about Yiddishists seeking community (“Yiddishists Search for Community to Preserve Revered Language,” Jan. 6). No mention was made of the living, vibrant resource found at Gratz College in the person of Rita Ratner, who single-handedly founded the Yiddish program there and, like the eternal light, keeps it alive and growing.

My classmates and I began our Yiddish studies there and keep going as an intermediate study group going on our fourth year.

What are we, chopped liver (gehakte leber)?

No mention was made either of the Yiddish Book Center in western Massachusetts where Stephen Spielberg has underwritten the digitized Stephen Spielberg Library where you can find any existing Yiddish book online and can print it out for no charge. l

Betty-Jeanne Korson | Hatboro


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