Kids Page Actually Occupies Two Pages


Back when more people read newspapers — including some children — the Exponent regularly included features aimed at younger folks, and that was still the case in 2000.

Page 21 was labeled as Kids Page, and led off with a three-paragraph article about Jewish symbols, such as the Star of David and the Ten Commandments. There also was an explanation about why lions are often embroidered on Torah covers.

Below that, readers were given space to write down the Ten Commandments; for those stumped, a hint was given to look in Exodus 20:1-14.

Clever readers also had a chance to count the number of Stars of David that could be found in a square of stars, although the correct answer was not included.

And the bottom contains a synagogue geography crossword that did include the answers printed upside down at the bottom.

While Page 21 was the Kids Page, the facing Page 20 also was youth-oriented, with an article titled “In the Synagogue.” Not only did that article give historic details about the First Temple and the Second Temple, but it explained the parts of a modern synagogue.


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