We Jews Need Lots More Debate


Last week in this space, we touched upon the importance of food in Jewish culture. This week, we’ll look at the Exponent’s opinion pages.

As Jews have never been shy to voice their opinions, it seems fitting that an op-ed was titled “We Jews Need Lots More Debate in the Community, Not Less.” In that op-ed, Rabbi Barry Schwartz contended that fervent debate strengthens the Jewish community instead of dividing it.

A second op-ed by Anti-Defamation League Deputy National Director Kenneth Jacobson called for people to respect haredi life even when offering criticism — in this case stemming from sex abuse cases.

Meantime, next to three letters-to-the-editor were two in-house editorials.
One encouraged petition efforts to continue to push the International Olympic Committee to formally honor the memory of the 11 Israeli athletes killed at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

The IOC had rejected requests for a minute of silence.

The other editorial asked Pennsylvania legislators to support legislation prohibiting businesses that provide goods, services or credit worth at least $20 million to Iran’s energy sector from winning a contract of $1 million or more from the Pennsylvania Department of General Services.

“It’s not clear how much impact a state initiative will have on the Iranian economy, but it’s worth every avenue to put the squeeze of Tehran,” the editorial said.


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