IDF Raids Khan Yunis Hospital Amid Evidence Hamas Held Hostages There

Palestinians unload medical aid from a truck at the Nasser hospital in Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip, on Oct. 23. (Atia Mohammed/Flash90 via

The Israel Defense Forces announced on Thursday that there was “credible evidence” that Hamas held hostages at Nasser Hospital in the southern Gaza city of Khan Yunis, and that the bodies of dead captives may be located inside the facility.

In a video message, IDF spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari revealed that IDF special forces were conducting a “precise and limited operation” inside the hospital, with the military later stating that several terror suspects were arrested during the raid.

The military had contacted the hospital’s director, calling for an immediate halt to Hamas terrorist activity inside the facility and the immediate evacuation of Hamas terrorists from the premises, the IDF said.

“A key objective as defined by our military mission is to ensure that the Nasser hospital continues its important function of treating Gazan patients,” said Hagari, adding that this had been communicated to the hospital’s staff in recent days. The IDF had ensured the delivery of medical equipment, including oxygen tanks, as well as fuel for electricity, in coordination with international organizations, added Hagari.

Furthermore, he stressed that staff and patients are not required to evacuate, but have been provided a safe humanitarian route should they choose to leave and are being urged to move away from the danger that Hamas has put them in. IDF doctors and Arabic-speaking IDF officers on the ground are communicating this message to the staff and patients, according to Hagari.

“Our message to them is clear: We seek no harm to innocent civilians. We seek to find our hostages and bring them home. We seek to hunt down Hamas terrorists wherever they may be hiding,” he said.

According to Hagari, the intelligence regarding the hostages’ presence at Nasser had come from several sources, including released hostages.

“As was proven with the Shifa Hospital, Rantisi Hospital, Al Amal Hospital and many other hospitals across Gaza, Hamas systematically uses hospitals as terror hubs,” he said.

“According to intelligence assessments and information we gathered on the ground, over 85% of major medical facilities in Gaza have been used by Hamas for terror operations,” he emphasized.


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