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Here's a Proposal …

August 11, 2005 By:
Gloria Hayes Kremer, JE Feature
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At Cambridge Beaches, in Bermuda, love means never having to say … “What? No concierge?”
Thinking of popping the question? For this very important occasion, if you take your significant other to one of the most stunning locales imaginable, all the particular details can be pre-arranged by the “Proposal Concierge” before your arrival. Romance is so overwhelming in Bermuda, for instance, that guest-services manager Nadja Talevi at Cambridge Beaches now holds the position.

“This is such a romantic resort,” says Talevi, who was born in Switzerland and trained in many European hotels, as well as on American and European cruise ships, “that it was just natural to have someone here to help couples arrange the ideal setting for a proposal.”

The picturesque resort is Bermuda’s original cottage colony of 94 rooms and suites dotted on a 30-acre peninsula encircled by panoramic ocean views.

Bermuda is situated in the mid-Atlantic, 1,000 miles north of the Caribbean and less than a two-hour flight from most East Coast gateway cities. Its 21-mile stretch of land is “veddy” British in manner and subtropical in climate.

It’s always spring or summer here; summer daytime temperatures hover in the low to mid- 80s, while daytime winter temperatures remain in the 60s and 70s.

Yen for a yacht cruise?

Talevi finds there is almost nothing that cannot be arranged to create the custom-made scenario for a marriage proposal: “Sometimes, a couple is looking for advice. Often, a future bridegroom will call me before coming to the resort and ask for ideas.

“I will suggest a number of possibilities, such as a private dinner on a secluded beach cove, a yacht cruise along Bermuda’s waterways as the sun is setting, or a romantic horse and buggy ride.

“Some adventurous types enjoy a para-sail from the Cambridge dock, a swim with the dolphins at the nearby Dockyard, even an underwater proposal in a stunning reef sea-garden,” she continues.

Over at Cambridge Beaches, a couple may often choose to luxuriate in their very own cottage and then dine on a private terrace overlooking the ocean, surrounded by dozens of candles and roses.

But it’s not necessary to get engaged to enjoy the services of the “Proposal Concierge.”

Anyone wishing to create an intimate, romantic atmosphere for a special occasion can enlist Talevi’s services.

“Whether getting married, on a honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary, I love helping couples create memories that they will take home and cherish for years.”

Couples can fill their days lazing on five pristine beaches and/or numerous coves. Guests have access to an extensive spa/ wellness program at the Ocean Spa, and the Aquarian Baths solarium offers a dramatic indoor pool facility.

The “Proposal Concierge” also gets requests from guests who want to renew their wedding vows, as well as some who are celebrating second or third marriages.

How about dinner for two on a private island?

An especially glamorous feature is “Private Island Dining,” which begins when a couple is taken by boat to a private spot, where a butler serves a lavish dinner for two. A bottle of Dom Perignon is opened, torches are lit, and the butler returns later to serve dessert.

For more information about “Proposal Concierge” amenities, call 1-800-468-7300.

Everyone’s Turned Specialist!

The concept of concierge as specialist has become so popular that many such positions are suddenly appearing in upscale resorts all over the globe.

Although the concierge concept has been a European staple for some time, it’s relatively new here in the United States.

In the 1990s, the Ritz-Carlton introduced “technology butlers,” who helped guests learn how to manage computers and related services. Today, the Ritz features a pool concierge at their resort in Key Biscayne, Fla., and a tanning butler at the Ritz-Carlton in South Beach. In Boston is a fireplace butler, who will personally attend to the logs, making sure they are stacked and set afire properly and safely.

Golf concierges and bath butlers — in which a visitor’s bath is drawn and enhanced with fragrances — can be found increasingly at upscale hotels throughout the country.

Here are a few other concierge specialists who’ve become more and more mainstream in recent months:

• Beach Butler: Guests at the Fairmont Royal Pavilion in Barbados are offered beach essentials, including ice-lollies and suncare products, and the butlers will watch the youngsters while parents take a dip. They are trained in CPR.

• Kids Concierge: All nine Park Hyatt hotels in North America have a “Kidsierge” on site. The friendly helper gives each child a package containing a disposable camera, games and other goodies.

• Cultural Concierge: This facilitator is quite popular at Rosewood’s Hotel Seiyo Ginza in Tokyo, and helps visitors understand various Japanese customs and body language, instructing, for example, in the proper way of bowing.

• Soap Concierge: In Mexico’s Riviera Maya, the specialist at the Ikal del Mar Villa Resort & Spa greets guests with a choice of handmade soaps at the front desk check-in. She is also available to discuss soap preferences.

• Ski Ambassador: At the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek resort in Colorado, this ski specialist helps guests choose the proper level slope, ski equipment, etc.

• Cheese Concierge: “The Big Cheese” consultant at La Posada in Santa Fe advises guests on more than 20 cheeses offered in the hotel restaurant, in addition to planning weekly wineand- cheese tastings.

• Citrus Concierge: At the Grand Lakes Orlando resort, a “citrus consultant “ discusses the health benefits of oranges, lemons and grapefruits (available for purchase in Florida). This concierge also offers citrus- focused amenities, including fruit-infused towels and water.

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