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Kidnapped Teen's Emergency Call Released

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Gilad Shaar (Photo courtesy of Lihi Shaar)
JERUSALEM — The recording of the emergency call placed by one of the abducted teens was officially released after a leaked copy spread throughout Israel on WhatsApp.
“I've been kidnapped,” a teen, identified by his father as Gilad Shaar, is heard whispering in the call made at 10:25 p.m. June 12.
“Keep your heads down,” a voice is heard shouting in Arabic-accented Hebrew. Sounds of a struggle are heard followed by several loud noises believed to be gunshots and then groaning. The operator is heard trying to talk to the caller and find out where he is located throughout the call. Israeli media have reported that the teens were shot by their abductors in panic after they realized a call had been placed to police.
The call was transferred to the operator’s supervisor, who also tried to speak to the caller. The supervisor reportedly called back eight times, first receiving no answer then being transferred to voice mail. The supervisor did not report the call, believing it to be a prank. Several senior officers were demoted on Monday after the release of an investigation that found “severe failure of conduct” in the handling of the call.
Meanwhile, some 60,000 Israelis have downloaded a free app designed to assist in the event of an abduction. The app, developed by the Israeli start-up NowForce, requires one swipe of the finger and allows for a discrete method to call for help, its creators say.

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