Thursday, July 10, 2014 Tammuz 12, 5774

Greg Salisbury

Arts/Culture Editor
Comic David Steinberg has been making people laugh ever since he began his career with an improv troupe in Chicago in 1964. The 70-year-old makes a rare live appearance this month in New Hope.
A new documentary, Koch. which opens in area theaters April 26, looks at how the fortunes of New York City were changed with the 1978 election of Ed Koch as mayor.
Violinist Alicia Svigals performs tonight as the closing act to the inaugural Philadelphia Jewish Music Festival.
Two delicious reasons to venture beyond Philadelphia
Greg Salisbury journeys to Swedesboro to enjoy the fruits of Philadelphia favorite Terence Feury in his new Deep South Jersey digs, and devour what may be the region's finest steak at Citron and Rose in Merion Station.
Cohen dishes on her new cookbook and why she doesn’t get invited for dinner as often as she’d like
Through her cooking classes, television shows and consulting work, Hope Cohen has become one of the most influential people in the local food world, with countless Philadelphians eating from restaurant menus she designed and recipes her students have brought home. Her latest accomplishment: a new cookbook.


Greg Salisbury first came to the Exponent as an intern at Inside magazine. He has been the editor of Special Sections since 2000, the editor of Inside magazine since 2008 and the Arts and Culture editor since 2012.

He was born in Philadelphia, and has lived up and down the Eastern Seaboard.



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