Four Dead, Including Three Jerusalem Yeshiva Students, in Ukraine Plane Crash


Jewish Exponent Square.jpgBy Asaf Shalev

Three Jerusalem yeshiva students and their pilot died when their small plane crashed into a house in western Ukraine on Wednesday, according to reports in Ukrainian and Haredi media.

Media reports have identified the three Jewish passengers as Amrom Fromowitz of Monsey, New York, Hershy Weiss of London, U.K. and Lazer Brill of Brooklyn, New York.

The three young men were fellow students at Mir Yeshiva, an Orthodox yeshiva in Jerusalem.

They were in Ukraine on a tour of Jewish holy places and had taken a sightseeing flight on Wednesday afternoon, The Yeshiva World reported.

Their plane struck a house near the village of Sheparivtsi in the Prykarpattia region. The cause of the crash isn’t yet known.

Jewish community representatives in the United States are in touch with local authorities about ensuring a timely religious burial for the three Jewish men.


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