Saturday, December 3, 2016 Kislev 3, 5777
P'nai Or Jewish Renewal Congregation
Summit Church
6757 Green Street
Philadelphia, PA
P'nai Or Philadelphia is a welcoming and diverse Jewish Renewal community. We invite you to learn more about our community and about the Jewish Renewal Movement in general. We come together for prayer, study, and celebration, building a vibrant

Kol Nidre

October 3, 2014 6:00 PM

Kol Nidre, the ancient chant releasing us from destructive "vows" can be understood as an affirmation that we are not imprisoned in destructive habits or patterns of life however habituated we may have become. We can release these "vows" and free our souls to re-engage with  new and more productive ways of being. We enter the journey of Yom Kippur: a day of returning and re-tuning our souls, a day of communal and personal re-alignment with our best selves and our highest purpose. 

The High Holydays invite us to work together for forgiveness, compassion, and shalom – which means wholeness, fulfillment and perfection, as well as peace. All the songs, all the prayers and all the inner work we do helps us heal and rededicate ourselves to be the best we can be, internally, in our relationships, and in the world.

If you seek an environment in which you can really use the tools of this extraordinary day in behalf of real change, do join us for Yom Kippur.

We meet in Fellowship Hall of Summit Church in the West Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia (2 blocks from the Upsal station of SEPTA Chestnut Hill West). 

There is a custom of wearing white. You might like to do that too. You can learn about that and more on our website.

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